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Rental Dwelling Insurance in Jacksonville, FL

Protecting Homeowner-landlords in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, FL 

As a landlord or owner of a rental property you are subject to many kinds of risks and liabilities.  If unmitigated these risks and liabilities can result in tremendous out-of-pocket costs.  For this reason, having a rental dwelling insurance policy is wise.  At Jim White Insurance, Inc., we know that renting a part of your house or other property can be tricky and requires a lot of attention to detail.  We can develop a policy that honors each detail and keeps you secure no matter what you rental operations are like. 


Our agents will work with you to find the right solution and will monitor your policy on an ongoing basis so that it always protects you for the right price.  


Coverage that Match your Properties and your Needs

Rental dwelling insurance covers your home and its contents.  If you rent out a portion of your home, you will need to protect the structure and the property in the structure.  Coverage of this type is called ‘short-term rental’ or ‘primary residence’ insurance.  If you rent out a property that you own but do not live in, only building coverage is needed.  In this case, you need ‘long-term rental’ or ‘second-home’ insurance. 


Regardless of your renting situation, you always need coverage against specific ‘named perils,’ which you specify.  These perils range from fires and explosions to sinkholes and riots and include almost any occurrence that might damage your property.  You can add perils on a need basis and can customize your policy for maximum financial benefit.  Our agents at Jim White will help you do this. 


The customization of your policy will begin with an examination of your needs.  Once your needs are properly assessed and your budget established, our agents will match your needs with the right coverages.  The coverages available to you include:

• Property Insurance
• Homeowners Liability
• Renters Insurance
• Condo Insurance
• Mobile Home Insurance
• Scheduled Property Insurance
• In-Home Business Insurance
• Comprehensive property coverage
• Named peril coverage (fire, theft, earthquakes, smoke damage, etc.)
• Liability coverage
• Optional replacement cost
• Agreed loss settlement (total loss)
• Actual cash value (partial loss)
• Optional extended replacement cost
• Optional coverage to protect landlords
• Landlords with multiple properties
• Single, duplexes, triplexes, and quads
• Row homes
• Older and lower-value homes
• Homes with minimal cosmetic conditions
• Properties under minor renovation
• Vacation rental homes


Your chief concern will be protecting the building or buildings you rent out and the contents of these buildings.  We will ensure that your policy protects these things completely and that the costs of the protection you purchase are minimal.  Over time, we will examine your coverage and keep you informed of any changes that need to be made.  


Finding the Right Solution with Jim White 

We have been insuring homeowners and landlords for decades so we know the ins and outs of renting a property.  We also know how to protect against the risks that homeowners and landlords face.  We will create a coverage plan for you that protects your interests and gives you the greatest value. 


We are more than just insurers; we are partners, advisers, and advocates.  You can count on us to go over each detail of your situation and coverage options with you so that you firmly understand your options and how to make the best choices.  We will keep a close eye on your coverage so that you are never left unprotected in the event of an unexpected incident.  Also, we advocate for you if and when a claim is filed.  If a claim is filed, we will help you resolve the claim quickly and will ensure that the resolution of this claim is satisfactory.


To learn more or to speak with an agent, please contact us or give us a call at (904) 770-4760.  To start getting some of the details of a policy, request a quote


Jim White Insurance is proud to provide rental dwelling insurance in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Fernandina Beach, Yulee, Callahan, and Orange Park, FL.  We also serve other areas in the Sunshine State.

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